Help us catch Grafton pests

Grafton has a chance to significantly reduce pests such as mice and rats. This will protect our birds, plants, reptiles and native insects as well as keep our homes free of vermin.

We can do this by installing pest traps through-out Grafton using distance and trapping guidelines prepared by the Department of Conservation.

The good news is that we already have the traps and the boxes. They’ve been kindly donated to our community by the Council and are nearly ready to go… after a little bit of art is added by some handy volunteers.

This is where you come in. Now is your chance to get involved and unleash your creativity. Or if you’re not so arty – maybe you can help us install and monitor the traps. Please read on.

Pest box stencilling event in Outhwaite Park.

We’d like your help to stencil the boxes with the Pest Free Grafton logo:

• We will provide the art tools, paint and guidance
• You will create the stencil and paint it on
• The event will be in Outhwaite Park
• On Saturday 28 November at 2 pm – 3.30 pm
• Please register your interest below so we can get in touch

A crafty, creative event for the young or not-so-young in Grafton.

Setting out the boxes and traps.

If you’re not the artistic type – but would like to get hands on. We are always looking for volunteers to help us lay out the traps. Register your interest below.

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