Grafton Parking Permits require renewal

Time is running out to renew your residential parking permit and have it processed before the new term starts.

The Grafton annual permit cycle runs from the 16/07/2020 to 15/07/2021.

All residents and businesses, even those who already have a current permit, need to submit a new application with an up-to-date proof of residence for permits and coupons for the 2020/2021 cycle year.

Please log in to your MyAT parking permits account to apply.

Application timeline:

16/06/2020: Applications open. Please submit a new application for permits and coupons.

10/07/2020: Application portal will close, and all applications will be reviewed. If the permit cap has not been reached, then the portal will remain open. We will contact you to let you know if your application has been granted or declined.

16/07/2020: Grafton residential parking zone 2020/21 cycle starts.

For information about residential parking permits and coupons, visit the AT Residential website.

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