Park West building tour

You are cordially invited to take a tour of the new Park West facility.

“Once Hawkins have handed over stage 2, I’d like to invite you on a neighbours’ tour of the building, taking in the public areas and the stage 2 upper floors. These are offices, and are identical to Stage 1, so we won’t tour stage 1 offices, which are already occupied. In order to minimise impact on the University’s furnishing and move-in programme, we’ll hold the tour at 11am on Saturday 15th February. Hopefully that will also be a time when the greatest number of you can join us! Refreshments will be provided at the end of the tour, and I hope to hear your impressions.”

Peter Maher, Senior Project Manager

Update from Peter on Tue February 11:

Dear Neighbours,

Hawkins will this week achieve Practical Completion of our new building, and the University’s team is now installing furniture and AV. Thank again for for your forbearance over the last two years. We are pleased to confirm that we will conduct a Neighbour’s Tour this Saturday, 15 February, at 11am.

Please come to the Park Rd entrance at 10.50am. I will be there to let you in, and we will gather in the entry lobby. At 11.05am we will commence the tour, and at that point there will be no-one at the doors to provide access, so please be on time to avoid disappointment.

The tour will take 20-30 minutes, and we will gather back at the starting point where we hope you will join us for refreshments and a chat.

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