Footpath and parking closures

We’ve received the following from Pete Maher, Property Services

Dear neighbours,

I am writing to inform you of work taking place on Park Rd and Seafield View Rd, to complete perimeter works and footpath reinstatement. Unfortunately this has been delayed while I was off work sick, and the work has already commenced. My apologies for the delay in communicating.

Auckland Transport has issued a Works Access Permit (WAP) to Hawkins, which allows the closure of footpaths and parking bays along the Park Rd and Seafield View Rd boundaries of our site. The period covered is 14 August to 15 November 2019, inclusive. Without prejudice to their rights under the WAP, Hawkins hope to have work complete in Seafield View Rd by 30 October.

We do realize that resident parking is at a premium, and we apologize for the inconvenience caused. Unfortunately this is an inevitable stage in the completion of our project. We look forward to not only restoring the public realm to full use, but to improving the finishes and amenities. We also look forward to the opening of the building to the public in February 2020. (Hawkins will complete the Park Rd wing in early November, and the Park Ave wing in early February. Staff will be occupying the building progressively from November to February.)

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions during this time.

Best regards,


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