Grafton Rd parking restrictions – Have your say!

I’ll cut to the chase by cutting and pasting Auckland Transport’s consultation letter. Please leave comments below to add to GRA’s submission, and of course, make your own submission!

We (AT) are proposing to introduce a clearway operating between 4-6pm on weekdays on Grafton Road in Grafton. This is expected to improve access to, and utilization of, the kerbside lane on approach to the Khyber Pass intersection. The extent of the queueing along Grafton Road towards Carlton Gore Road is anticipated to reduce as a result.

In addition, a minor re-alignment of the flush median and lane markings is proposed to increase the southbound central through lane width at the kink in the road directly adjacent to Burton St.

This proposal is part of the Network Optimisation Program which aims to improve traffic flows
around the Auckland area.

We want to hear from you! Community feedback will help us decide the final shape of this project.
Follow the steps below to have your say.

Go online to
Feedback period: 21 st February – 7 th March 2019

If you can’t access our website or have any questions, call us on (09) 448 7265 with the
reference number: NOP1819-017

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  1. Not before time in my opinion however they will need to get rid of that ridiculous give way when turning left into Carlton Gore Rd. Few, if any, give way and we’ve had a number of near misses. It’s completely contrary to the road code!!!
    And we’re also going to be inundated with traffic when The Domain is closed off to commuter traffic other than buses!
    It’s also time to open up CG Road at the Park Ave, Claremont intersection heading East. Drivers repeatedly ignore the No Entry anyway, particularly Council, courier, taxi drivers!
    What was originally a move by the then Newmarket Borough Council to appease their electorate is outdated.

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