Meet the Candidates Wed 18 Sept at Jubilee Hall

Jubilee Hall 254 Parnell Rd. Doors open at 6.45pm – formal presentations begin at 7.00pm

Many of you will have seen the candidates for the upcoming Local Council 2019 elections profiled in the latest issue of The Hobson.

We are very pleased to give you the opportunity to see them in action at a public meeting in a couple of week’s time.

To keep things focused, we have asked them to come to this meeting to tell us what they are most passionate in achieving after reading the most recent Waitemata Local Board Plan and the newly released Parnell Plan – copies attached.

Moreover, for the three seeking a Councillor position we asking them to focus on critical governance skills and securing funding for our key community projects.

They each have three minutes each to make their mark and grab your vote. There will also be time made for questions from the floor.

Please try to make it along as LOCAL INPUT & PASSION REALLY MATTERS

Parnell has proved to be a very engaged and active suburb when it comes to getting the best people to represent us

Our MC for the night is the delightful Kirsty Cameron, editor of The Hobson.


  • Voting opens – Fri 20 September
  • Last day to post voting papers (although you will still be able to post them in a ballot box) – Wed 8 October 
  • Voting closes at noon – Sat 12 October 
  • Official results declared – Sat 17 October

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