October ’18 meeting of the Grafton Residents Association

We will hold our October residents meeting at 7:00 p.m. tonight in the small conference room of the Liberal Catholic Church, on the corner of Claremont Street and Carlton Gore Road.

On the agenda this month:

We submitted to the consultation on electoral boundaries, with a plea not to carve Grafton up into little bits across multiple Wards. In that we were successful. It looks like ALL of Grafton will end up in the Albert-Eden Ward.

There’s a new national ratepayers association forming. Should we join it?

Auckland Transport is proposing a 30kph speed limit for the entire CBD. While this has upset some people, many in Grafton have suggested that Grafton be reduced to 30kph on Carlton Gore Road and on our residential side streets. What do you think? If you cannot make tonight’s meeting, tell us what you think in the comments on the website.

The draft minutes for the September meeting are available, please give them a read!

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