June ’18 meeting of the Grafton Residents Association

It has come around fast! It is already time for our monthly meeting which will be held this coming Monday, June 11, in the community hall of the Liberal Catholic Church, corner of Claremont and Carlton Gore at 7pm. There’s plenty of parking, but will you drive or walk?

We need to talk. We need to talk about heritage. We need to talk about parking. We need to talk about the future of Grafton.

It came to my attention in the middle of this week that letters had gone out in May for resident parking permits. I never received mine. Did you get yours? Click here and choose Grafton suburb for a map of who is eligible, and a link to the application.

The letter stated that applications close today, the 8th. After a nudge from me on behalf of those who never received a letter, applications will stay open until Monday this coming week. The ‘closing’ of the application round is only temporary as this is the first round. Once the initial batch has been processed, anyone eligible can apply at any time, assuming the limit of permits hasn’t been reached.

This is also a good time to consider applying for the parking coupons, which any household in the parking zone can apply for. It allows guests and contractors to park for the day within Grafton. Details are on the AT website, and you don’t necessarily need to be applying for a permit for your car to take advantage of the coupons.

The new parking scheme goes into effect on July 2, and the new pricing will not be reflected on any of the existing/replacement machines until that date.

And now for a summary of Monday’s meeting:

Approve AGM minutes

Approve the dates of 2018/19 meetings including the Christmas picnic.

The Parking Scheme

University Building update – I haven’t heard much from UoA or residents, and I’d like to!

Setting some heritage goals for GRA – start with trees, buildings, or both?

GRA Vision update.

We’d really love to see you on Monday evening!


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